Hey, you got a message. But why aren't you texting back? Don't be a texthole. If you've ever had someone not respond to your text before, this is exactly how you feel and what you want to say:

1. Responding to text is common etiquette.

2. You're a horrible person for not even replying.

3. Exactly what I want to say to some people.

4. The Notebook:

5. Sometimes getting ignored can be annoying.

6. Text-trolling.

7. Just freaking text back.

8. Downright annoying!

9. People die when you don't reply.

10. Busy much?

11. How hard is it to text back?

12. One sided conversations. I've had a lot of these.

13. Two hours.

14. Patience is a virtue. Or not.

15. Don't you hate it when people don't text you back?

16. Everyone has this annoying friend.

17. Reply ala Kanye West CAPS style.