Got someone you don't like? While you shouldn't wish for anything violent to happen to them, here are some mundane and reasonably..bad things you can wish upon them. It's probably worse than violence! 

1. Always sitting at tables with uneven legs

2. Seat back. Meal on lap. Drink in hand. Remote control...across the room.

3. Always running out of tissue paper, at the worst time.

4. Watching videos with incorrectly synched audio.

5. Mosquito bites on their balls.

6. Accidentally dialing their boss on a night of debauchery.

7. Undried clothing smell.

8. Bad breath that even they can't stand.

9. Wife has explosive diarrhea every time they want to have sex.

10. Always skipping leg day.

11. Plagued with forever-bitchy-resting face.

12. No clean underwear, on date night!

13. Ice-cream melts faster than you thought.

14. Running out of butter knives.

15. Air-conditioning breaking down.

16. Missing the last episode of every show they love. Forever.