Thank God the 90s are over. And thank the God of Fashion for not renewing what we wore back then for this period. Would you allow yourself be caught right now wearing any of these things 'trends'?

1. Oversized short sleeve flannel shirts.

2. Overalls.

3. T-shirts with cartoon characters but for adults.

4. Before everyone remembered Converse was cool:

5. Center parting.

6. Oakley eye jackets.

7. Backwards baseball caps.

8. Ceaser-hairstyle.

9. Bowling shirts.

10. Kangol hats.

11. Fanny packs.

12. Pagers.

13. Pants that could fit another person in it.

14. Fatty laces.

15. Bowling hats.

16. Showing off the white t-shirt underneath your shirt.

17. Thick vertical pin-stripes.

18. Velcro wallets.

19. Mandarin collar.

20. Clothes that generally don't fit.

21. The douchebag look apparently started in the 90s.

22. Track suits.

23. MC Hammer pants.

24. Will Smith's Prince of Bel Air haircut.

25. Suits that don't fit. Look how much Tiger is drowning in it:

26. Oversized T-shirts.

27. Adult clothes that generally don't fit.

28. Windbreakers.

29. Denim-everything.

30. Even the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 were ridiculously hideous.

31. Steve Madden's grandma sandal.

32. Wearing dad's suit.