If looking for a job is hard enough already, then you're not investing and paying enough time and attention on your resume. Everyone needs a killer one to get their foot in the door. Here's how you can avoid your resume not being in the bottom of the pile or in a trashcan.

1. Attach files properly. Don't do this.

2. Everyone loves brevity because they've got no time to read everything. But do it properly.

3. Talk about your best traits. But perhaps, not like this:

4. "Provided snakes" might not be the experience you want to list down. Word it another way.

5. Talk about your education.

6. Be aggressive to stand out. But not too aggressive like this:

7. List personal, non-career achievements. ESP shouldn't be one of them.

8. If you've won any prizes, received any awards, list them down.

9. Always spell check.

10. Emails like this get deleted very fast.

11. These kinds end up on websites.

12. If you've got a weakness, be specific.

13. Don't use Times New Roman, or anything like this:

14. "I wear clothes" isn't the kind of unique quality you can offer to a company.