These days, every picture any of the Kardashians take average a million likes. That's insane! What's so special about the pictures they take anyway? It turns out, there may be some kind of formula you can employ to help you chase the likes. Here's learning a few of them from the Kardashians:

As much as apps can help you achieve the desired effect you're looking for, there's a lot more to taking the "perfect" selfie.

Lesson 1: Always make use of good lighting.

These days, younger sisters Kendall and Kylie are adding more techniques that seem more or less very successful .

Lesson 2: Be a trendsetter:

This trend she started soon became the most liked picture on Instagram:

Her most liked picture on Instagram ever had a lot following suit.

These aren't just normal poses. They're signature poses. Lesson 3!

Notice how they're almost always the same..

Here's another:

All of their photos have been cleverly curated and planned using the Kardashian formula. A simple photo like this has 1.5 million likes.

Even this loving picture of Kim and Kanye on their wedding day.

The Kardashians rely on tried and tested Instagram techniques. Like gazing out into the sea. Lesson 5:

Lesson 6: Or someone creeping up from behind you.

Here's another:

A perfect selfie doesn't just happen. It is orchestrated. Lesson 7:

Lesson 8: They use techniques like "not knowing someone is looking":

All the sisters do it:

Science actually says this kind of photo taking technique is very effective for getting attention.

Even this simple standing classy next to a car photo has over 1.1 million likes.

The cars have to be expensive though.

Lesson 9: Cropping your face is also a popular technique.

Lesson 10: Up-close ones work too.

Lesson 11: Makeup selfies work!

Lesson 12: Another popular technique is using props. Mirrors in this case are great!

Lesson 13: Finally, there's lip pouting of sorts.

It's not as crazy popular compared to the other techniques but they do pretty great too.

The secret is all in the technique.

A perfect photo is not just taken. It is orchestrated. Learn from the Kardashians. They actually have something useful to teach after all.