Women are known for giving the men with perilous questions which are almost no way out. There is no right answer, because they will no right away if the men are equivocating. They are ambushes, from which there is no safe exit. Check out 15 tricky question women ask men in day-to-day life. They can drive you insane!

#1 - Honey, do I look fat? 

#2 - Do you love me more now or when we just got married?

#3 - Who's your favourite person in the whole wide world?

#4 - If me and your Mom are both drowning in the ocean, and you could only save one. Who would you save?

#5 - Did you notice that girl just now? God, she was hot, wasn't she?

#6 - Why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend?

#7 - Why can't you be more like my friend's boyfriend who is very nice?

#8 - So, you choose to go to have fun with your friends rather than watching movie with me?

#9 - You didn't forget your ex-girlfriend, did you?

#10 - Haven't you noticed anything different?

#11 - Do you love me? Will you love me even if get fat or ugly?

#12 - Why were you looking at her?

#13 - Will you come shopping with me?

#14 - Do you remember our first kiss/first gift/first fight anniversary?

#15 - Didn't you notice the whole day that I was annoyed with you?