Do you believe in things that cannot be explained? Just how superstitious do you think you are? Are you selectively superstitious or are you superstitious all the way? Answer the questions below.

1. Take a shower after giving birth?

Otherwise you'll get rheumatism

   Rubbish and nonsense.

   I'll wait for a week, thank you.

2. Clipping finger toes at night would bring ghosts to that place

So you wait till...

   The morning! It's the best time and you can see clearly!

   If it's time to cut them, it's TIME to cut them.

3. Keeping a turtle as a pet would slow business down

Because you know...

   Turtles are slow so this must be true.

   They're actually super smelly and might bite you. But yes, I'll keep them.

4. Do not sweep on the first day of Chinese New Year

Cos you're sweeping away all that luck.. right?

   Yes. Don't do it. Dirt=luck.

   No. It just means "Relax, it's the freaking holidays. Chill a little."

5. If hit with a broom, bad luck looms

What does it mean to you?

   Some serious bad luck shit is about to drop.

   It just means, "Who the hell likes something dirty touching you?"

6. 4 is an unlucky number

So what should you do?

   Start a petition to banish that number from the world. 4eva!

   Utter nonsense. 4 is JUST a number.

7. Never praise your baby, otherwise he will become the opposite.

So you're actually..

   Expecting the worse, but hoping for the best?

   You're in love with your baby and you don't care. He needs to hear these things!

8. Wearing red will bring the most luck on the first day of Chinese New Year

Does it?

   Hell yeah!

   I really don't think so.

9. Opening an umbrella inside the house will bring bad luck.

Do you believe this?

   Yes. Terrible terrible luck!

   No. The only thing terrible is it hitting something when it opens.

10. Do not sit or step on a book, if you do, you'll become stupid.

Is this true?

   Absolutely. If you don't respect them books, they won't respect you.

   No. Just no.

11. If you peak on a girl when she showers, you will get an eye infection.

Is this true?

   Yes. Magically, this is called karma.

   Yes. Physically, you might get it from a punch.

12. If you drink water that has ants in it, you will be forgetful.

What was the question again?

   I can't remember. Drant water with ants in it.

   I'm absolutely not superstitious.