Everyone has had their own opinions and thoughts about how they would run the show when they become parents. Unfortunately, not everyone follows what they swore they wouldn't do before they became parents. Here are some pretty common stuff. Check it out below:

1. Give them your iPhone to distract them while you do something else but parent.

2. Let your house be filled with toys and toys and toys.

3. You swore you wouldn't let them throw tantrums in public.

4. You swore you wouldn't be that parent who constantly posts pictures of your baby. You swore!!

5. You said you wouldn't miss an outing with friends...but you're just too tired to go out now.

6. Your bed was off-limits before they came, but now that they're here, they've made permanent residence!

7. You swore you wouldn't let them watch TV, or too much of it.

8. Bargain with your kids. Your rule is no longer absolute!

9. Wipe their snot away with your shirt sleeve. It's okay.

10. Brag and talk only about your kids to anyone and everyone at every outing.

11. Not let them play app-games. The tablet is too alluring!

12. Not let them eat junk food because that's unhealthy. You swore this!!

13. You swore you'd calm-the-fuck down as a parent. But you're a helicopter one now.

14. You swore not to swear in front of them. Oops.

15. And you swore not to argue in front of them.

Sometimes, you just gotta wing it.