Let's face it. If you want to be a bitch, at least be the kind that everyone loves to love and hate. And who does it better than Blair Waldorf? Here are 29 reasons to be just like her.

1. She's happy not being friends with everyone.

2. She is very direct.

3. She knows things to be a fact.

4. She practices rudeness without being super rude.

5. She's witty.

6. She stands her ground.

7. She knows how to distract herself when she needs to.

8. She knows how to have fun.

9. She knows how to deal with problems.

10. She knows how to deal with feelings when they are messy.

11. She doesn't bottle-up negative thoughts.

12. She knows how to diss someone in the wittiest way.

13. She's blunt.

14. She knows that change begins with one's self.

15. She's not lazy.

16. She's a go-getter.

17. She knows her worth.

18. She's a real woman and doesn't need anyone else.

19. She's got good girlfriend advice and not stupid-ass sarcastic ones.

20. She sees the positive in everything.

21. She knows how to cut out toxic friends.

22. She has goals.

23. She's got extremely high self-esteem.

24. She's not always bitchy.

25. She knows the people who are important to keep close with.

26. She's got life figured out.

27. She'll never give up her throne.

28. She's not a stab-you-from-behind kind of bitch.

29. She knows it's not easy getting what you want, but that you shouldn't lose focus.

Are you a Blair bitch, or just a general one?