Just because you have a lot of stuff at home doesn't mean that your house has to look like a garage. These storage solutions below will not only make your home more organizing, but it will also help maximize your space.

1. Pegboard Closet Wall

A 'pegboard wall' will allow you to hook up items and keep them from cluttering the floor.

2. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Adding pull-out trays under your sink allows you to reach items that have been stashed at the back.

3. Back-of-Door Shelving

A little DIY is all it takes to fully utilize the back of your cupboards.

4. Behind Closet Door Storage

The same DIY concept can also be applied to the doors of your closet.

5. Tray Divider

For taller cupboards, adding a simple tray divider is all you need to fully utilize that space.

6. Shelves and Drawers under Cupboards

Say goodbye to counter clutter! Cupboards and shelves are the perfect solution for creating a more organized, spacious area in your kitchen.

7. Open Shelving

Blank spaces are perfect for adding simple shelves, as they can make reaching for everyday items more accessible.

8. Under-Cabinet Drawers

A little DIY is all it takes to transform those useless kickboards underneath kitchen cabinets into nifty drawers for organizing flat items.

9. Baskets Above Cabinets

Decorative baskets are perfect for stashing items that don't get used all the time. Placing them above your shelving units also looks quite decorative, don't you think?

10. Lazy Susans Galore

Every home should install a 'Lazy Susan'. You can Store them almost everywhere, from your fridge to your pantry, to make things more accessible and organized.

11. Behind-the-Door Storage

Adding slim shelves behind doors helps to provide extra space without worrying about things toppling over.

12. Slide-Out Storage

Slide-out storage is perfect for that slim gap between the wall and your fridge. Plus, it's super easy to use.

13. In-the-Wall Hidden Storage

Just carve out a small space in the bathroom wall and conceal it with a giant mirror. David from IB Flooring echoed this “if you have a small house then maximising space is essential, you can make a house look real neat and you can do some really quirky things to make your house homier.“

14. DIY Storage Bench

It doesn't get anymore useful than this. Not only will you have extra storage, but also extra seating.

15. Add Chains

This is the ultimate tip for organizing a small closet. By adding chains, you can utilize more of that empty space.