Regardless of age, all skin types require these essentials. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains over 90 per cent Pitera™, which has several known skin benefits –replenishing skin’s moisture, smoothening skin’s surface texture, helping to make skin look translucent and crystal clear, helping give the skin an even tone, and giving the skin a natural healthy glow. When asked about the impact of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence on their skin, loyal users were unanimous in their opinion of the positive difference it made to their skin, and an overwhelming eight out of 10 loyal users in the study regarded SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as their best skincare investment.

Essentially, here is what you need:

Soap-free cleanser
Rinse off radiance snatchers (dirt, oil and makeup) to create a clean slate that allows ingredients applied afterward to penetrate deeper, says Jeffrey Dover, M.D., a dermatologist in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and author of The Youth Equation (Wiley). You don't need to spend a lot of money on this step (most budget-friendly buys work well), but skip soap (most are too drying). Opt for a creamy no-soap liquid to add extra moisture. For oily complexions, try a foaming gel or an alpha hydroxy acid wash to degrease. Spend about 30 seconds massaging in your cleanser; it needs that long to completely break down makeup and sebum (the pore clogger secreted by oil glands) sitting on the surface.

A loyal SK-II user for 20 years, 57 yr-old Kaori Momoi is aging gracefully.

Antioxidant treatment
Antioxidants act like your skin's Secret Service, stopping free radicals (from sun, pollution and stress) that sneak past other products in your skin-care arsenal, like SPF. Research shows that some newer types are more powerful than old standbys such as vitamins E and C, says David H. McDaniel, M.D., director of the Anti-Aging Research Institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Look for wrinkle-fighting CoffeeBerry extract, an antioxidant in coffee beans as well as the fruit that encases them.

SPF moisturizer
Many dermatologists consider everyday sunscreen the most important antiaging weapon. Seek out long-lasting protection against both UVA (which is most responsible for aging skin) and UVB (which burns skin). The most powerful shields are chemical SPF complexes (such as Mexoryl, avobenzone and oxybenzone) and physical blockers titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.