Earth hour is only a few days away. It's a Saturday night, at a time which would probably be the peak of all saturdays - dinner, drinks, or a party with family or friends. Then there are some who welcome a beautiful Saturday night in to soak up the serenity of the weekend, having nothing to do but total relaxation. If you're contemplating between going out, doing something, staying home, or participating in Earth Hour, and have no idea what to do, you've come to the right place.

Things you could do:

1. Organize an Earth Hour party

Gather your friends and family for dinner - or potluck, and prepare candles for a candle lit night of fun. You can play drinking games, blind pin the tail on a donkey, face painting (and when the lights come on you'll see everyone's funnily painted faces!)or any other game that might be fun or funny. You could even organize a silly game of hide and seek, having only the seeker carry a torchlight. If your guests aren't game friendly, you can spend the hour chatting, reminiscing, singing, or heating marshmallows over a candle.

2. Go for a walk

If your area is secure enough for walks in the dark, it may be a great time to take a night walk. Bring an umbrella along with you for safety and rain purposes.

3. Drive to a peak

Go to the nearest peak from where you might be able to see the city lights, or some scenery - since the city may be in darkness in honour of Earth Hour.

4. Sit in your garden, relax, and enjoy the mosquitos air.

You might want to use a mozzie coil to ward off those little biters. If you practice yoga, it may be a nice time to try out a blackout yoga session.

5. Cuddle with your partner

There is nothing more romantic than a night in, sharing a moment of quiet with home-made drinks (cold or hot, depending on what the weather is like your way), watching the silhouette of your home objects. Maybe not watch the objects. But if its just the two of you, and cuddling just isn't entertaining enough, we're pretty sure you'll have a lot of fun in the dark - take earth hour into the bedroom!

6. Chocolate Fondue Dessert

Get a chocolate fondue set (you only need to use a tealight candle), and have some yummy fun with whoever. You can even do this on your own. All you need is cut fruits to go with the chocolate, marshmallows, and anything you feel you want to dip in chocolate. Feel free to take things a step further if you're doing this with your partner ;)

7. Play the Piano

If you can do this, you won't need to use the radio. If you can't, try to get someone who can play some acoustic tunes on the piano or guitar to entertain you and your guests.

8. Time Alone

Draw a warm bath, surround yourself with aromatherapy candles, and submerge yourself to relax your body. If you are using enough candles to read, read a book to keep yourself from getting bored in the water!


We know that it's a lot easier for teenagers and adults to do all this, but if you have kids here are some ways to calm them down if they are afraid of the dark.

Explain to them prior to flicking the switch, what Earth Hour is all about. Tell them that by doing this they will be helping the world get better, even if its only a small step to helping mother nature breathe better. If they don't understand it, you'd better have some interesting games to play with them to keep them occupied:

1. Camping

Kids love camping, especially if its at home with people they are comfortable with. Set up a tent - you can buy one from Toysrus or use bedsheets to create a tent. Use a sizeable candle on the outside and tell them to imagine it's a bonfire. Don't leave them unattended with this 'bonfire'. Let them roast marshmallows, or sit them around it and you can tell them a story.

2. Shadow Puppet Show

Get a thin paper, or set up a thin piece of white bedsheet and hoist it up - or use a white wall. Set up a flashlight and depending on which angle you've set your 'stage' at, do hand puppets and get the kids to guess what animal you're doing and let them take turns creating an animal or thing, with their little hands.

3. Eating Show

Set up a little buffet for the little tykes, placing different food in different bowls. Get them to taste it and guess what it is. This would work best if the child is an adventurous eater. Otherwise you should just stick to number one, two and three, because you'd be wasting food!

4. Makeup Contest

Buy a set of non-toxic, child safe face paint. Let them paint each other's faces, and yours, all in the dark. You can get a set of goggles to protect your (and children's) eyes. When the lights come on, snap a picture and see how hilarious everyone's faces are.