Damier Insolite Wallet in Ebony, and Azur.

The fresh new twist is now in Damier Canvas. Last year, the Insolite Wallet which was first released in Monogram canvas with 4 different colors and now, its Damier' turn in the spotlight. Damier Insolite Wallet comes in two colors: Damier Ebony (with dark brown grained calfskin lining) and Damier Azur (with cream grained calfskin lining). This efficient wallet combines a casual, functional style with sharp details. The inside layout offers numerous slots and pockets for cards, and papers. Organizing has never been this fun.

Damier Insolite Wallet measures 8.3" x 4.3", available at Louis Vuitton for $565. Watch out for the Monogram Multicolore Insolite Wallet (in Fuschia, Green Apple, Light Pink, Yellow, Turquoise, Deep Red, and Blue calfskin linings), coming your way this May 2009.