Taylor Swift won the award for Best Lyrics at the iHeartRadio Awards tonight. Then, she and Justin Timberlake relived their 2013 moment celebrating her win.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 18:09
Cara Delevingne is not just super hot. She's also a very eccentric model and one that does not conform to the usual and normal standards you see in models today. Check out why she's such a badass in the list below.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Mar 30, 2015 13:48
We make all kinds of rules for kids and demand they follow the regime we've set out for them. And it's all for a good thing. We want them to grow up with good character and values. The only problem: we don't even practice any of these things as adults!  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Mar 30, 2015 13:23
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