How do male models view the world of female modeling?

The world of male modeling seems tougher than the world of female modeling: there are far fewer jobs existing for men, making it harder for them to break in to the industry, with some rare exceptions.

In other words, the men have very slim chances of any sort of longevity in the industry, while getting paid less than female models do.

Rising male-model Lyle Lodwick (pictured above) says women "get paid like 10 times more than the men do." He adds that this leads to obnoxious seriousness, cat fights, and other vicious behaviours. He tells the Daily Beast:
"I did a show — Les Hommes in Milan — and there were two girls in the show. We were all fucking around backstage laughing and doing what we normally do and the girls were there with their jaws dropped, saying 'I can't believe you guys act this way!' They snap at each other," says Lodwick. Or, even worse: "I've heard horror stories of girls putting needles in a girl's shoes so when she's on the runway she'll fall over."
With that, female models get the "bitch" stamp on their foreheads, leading yet to another typical stereotype on beautiful women. Unfortunately this is real life - and all too true and vicious to exist in any drama show like Gossip Girl and the like.

[via NYmag]