Fashion trends change throughout the times, as do workout wear trends. Here are some of the most memorable workout fashions over the years:

Polyester adult footie pyjamas.

Ladies looking like radishes and beanstalks? Why not? It was such an "in" thing with this 1972 ad for "sears Beauty Spa".

30's knickers and swimming caps

This is the turn where they started showing more skin, with the poofy knickers.

40's beachwear

Thus, as we inch closer to modernization, we start to show more shape, and start to adapt the "granny panties" style, very much like what Wonderwoman's style was like.

50's Marilyn Monroe style

You've got the high-wasted shorts, and the pointy bra to help you lift weights! Plus, you show more skin as now, the midriff is exposed!

60's Tracksuit

This never went out of style.

Spandex and Leg Warmers

Exercise just became perky and filled with sunshine!

70's and 80's

Dominated by the shiny thong outfit!

Men from the 80's

Introduced tight leggings for men, unitards and stirrup bottoms.

The Bicycle uniform

Some designer somewhere must have really hated this team.

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