Some women, seeking renewal, turn to exercise; they buy gym memberships and yoga mats, and alter their lifestyles. Other women, however, turn to clothes: their new beginnings are rediscovered in plunging jackets, high-high boots, and a splash of Roja Parfums Danger.

Women update their wardrobes for a variety of reasons. A coming-of-age, the end of a romantic but doomed affair, a recent divorce -these are all signature shifts that may have you reassessing your wardrobe for 2014.

If your resolution is to feel good, look sexy, and radiate self-confidence, you need to purge the walk-in closet of everything unfashionable and unflattering. It doesn't matter how cold the new year is, that grandmotherly sweaterdress that looks like a mix between a potato sack and a Snuggle has to go. Ditto for that stack of oversized sweatshirts emblazoned with your alma mater.

1. Revamp your closet with signature outfits. There are several pieces of clothing every woman must have. Whether you're going date night casual or career-oriented, you need the following: blazer, slim black pants, form fitting jeans, white shirt and black pencil skirt, little black cocktail dress, cashmere sweater, boots and high heels. All of these pieces are basic, but timeless. Where should you shop? J. Crew has an extensive selection of cashmere cardigan and mini-cable sweaters. Macy's, on the other hand, is the perfect place to shop for shoes, as it has a variety of Steve Madden boots and high heels.

2. Get some new scents. Nothing says a new year (or a new you) better than changing out your old perfume for something fresh and exciting. If you're still wearing the perfume your ex gave you, it's seriously time you moved on because that scent is as stale as the ambergris used to ward off the Black Plague. Famed perfumer Frederic Malle once said "changing perfumes is a way of becoming someone else, if slightly." Either opt for a traditional and classic scent like Chanel, or try something intriguing like Bottega Venetta.

3. "Act your age, momma, not your shoe size." Prince sang this famous line in the 1986 hit song "Kiss," and it can be interpreted as a cautionary example of how and how not to dress. What does that mean? There's nothing more unflattering and embarrassing than a woman who doesn't dress age appropriately. If you're a forty year old woman, then feeling good, looking sexy, and radiating self confidence doesn't mean you should dress like Miley Cyrus. This is the ultimate fashion faux pas and one that will have people looking at you for all the wrong reasons.

4. Revamp your closet with a few high style outfits. Think of fashion like a cake. If your signature pieces are your base (or filling), you're going to need some frosting to complete the wardrobe. This is where the style pieces come in. Keep up with seasonal trends and try to incorporate them into your look. According to, some of the fashion trends for Spring 2014 include fringing, inverse shirt buttoning, wordplay, and a look that is being described as cowgirl mash-up. While you don't need to copy these fashion trends verbatim, try to incorporate something new and modern into your overall look. For example, the bra-baring, Rosie-the-Riveter cowgirl style may be a bit too much for a first date, but a little suede, an embroidered shirt, or a sexy pair of black stilettos may be just the type of extra pizzazz you're looking for.

Ok, fashionistas. While you’re giving your wardrobe a serious makeover, why not give your mobile guts a restyling too. Apps like "Vogue Daily News" will keep you tuned into all the latest fashion trends. Unsure about an outfit and need advice? “Posse” allows you to upload pictures and get feedback from millions of users. Now that you have a new wardrobe for the new year, you can get rid of all your old clothes at online consignment and resale sites like Copious, Material Wrld, and Threadflip.