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By Nikki Tiu for The Style Glossy

More and more women have opened their doors for unique nails as part of their fashion statement.

Here are six methods on how to make your nails stand out:

1.  French manicure White polish is usually applied at the tip of the nail with a base color, particularly nudes. Nowadays, many women alter the definition of French manicure by mixing and matching different shades for a nice contrast.

2.  Nail art sticker This can go from simple to complex designs that you can easily stick on a dry base color then finish with a top coat for that quick-and-easy nail art design.

3.  Digital nail art machines Images are printed on the nails in minutes using a printer -- no drying time required. This is recommended for women on the go.

4.  Nail stamping Nail designs are created by stamping pre-designed images from a design plate to each nail with a rubber nail stamp.

5.  Acrylics Artificially designed nails are pasted on top of the natural nails. This type can last for months.

6.  Manually drawn designs Nails can also be decorated with various nail art tools, including needles, nail brushes, nail art pens and glitters!

Nikki Tiu is a freelance makeup artist and the writer of Nikki has done various product reviews, tutorials and attended various beauty and fashion events to put readers in the know.