This is the last S/S08 Fashion Week wrapup! Fashion Week at Paris is over. Thankfully, the collections shown in Paris proved to be much more loveable than the ones in New York.

Yves Saint Laurent

I love this collection. The clothes are structured and looks have very definite shapes. Even the shiny, cap-like dark wigs add structure to the whole look. Everything just looked seriously chic.

The show starts off with inspiring work-clothes. The jackets on the left and right models look like fantastic new work jackets (as opposed to the normal blazers.)

Pilati showed both pencil skirts and A-line skirts, which is great for women with different body shapes. I love the sleekness and colour blocks of the whole-grey outfit on the left. And the blue in the underside of the skirt and jacket provides great contrast to the dark grey look.

And finally, the party dresses. I love the contrasting colours on the yellow and black dress. And the two dresses on the left make such fabulous cocktail dresses. Sigh, just imagine wearing them to a uber-glam party...

Miu Miu

All I can say is, I need some time to digest this collection. It must be so far into the future that I can't completely comprehend these looks. Although I can say for sure now that I am not a fan of those swimming-cap-looking hairwraps.

A pretty, sensual tough chic collection. The outfits look surprisingly wearable (if you have the budget and event for the dresses of course.) Bulky jewelry, especially necklaces, seems to be a theme, as well as extremely smoky eyes.

The show started off with a gorgeous range of LBDs. Note the one-shouldered tops/dresses.

Elbaz uses silk tops with pleats to add sensuality to the otherwise structured looks. Apart from the jewelry, shiny threads and crystals were used in the dresses to make them look dark in a brilliant way.

And even more dresses. Perhaps Lanvin's customers need more dresses than other types of clothing?