The Harajuku district in Japan is well-known for its outrageous styles and anime-mimicking. But among the crowds here, there are actually some pretty stylish ensembles. All we have to say is: these people can really dress. Here are some examples:

There's just something about this guy, for some reason, that makes him look unique, though we can't quite put our finger on it. He says it's the Rosary necklace.

This is a pretty cute ensemble. Just look how happy the lady looks. Because she's rockin' it, and she knows it.

Boots always look amazing, and paired with a stylish top and a ribbon in her hair, she looks casually glamorous.

This lady is working the pants, and her whole outfit looks really pretty.

That over-sized top, the rockin' hair and the boots just look terrific.

This is an interesting one, there are only so few people who can pull off this high-waisted carrot-cut pants style, but this lady here does a pretty good job accessorizing it.

This was too interesting to ignore. It's borderline weird, but she actually looks stunning. A really creative way of styling.

This guy here was hard to ignore too. His whole outfit is actually pretty nice, just that it doesn't suit the body that's in it, but he did a great job styling himself.