Here's a way to beat the showers that attack England's typical summer days: protect those beautiful, precious new (or old) shoes of yours with "Shuellas".

Shuellas are designed as "umbrellas for shoes". It's a folding Wellie boot that protects your shoes from the rain, so sellers from claim, without compromising on style.

The flexible, folding boots slip on over heels and shoes of any height, and Velcro-shut it around your calf. Shuellas also protect itself from being punctured by sharp heels, as it comes with reinforcement pads that you put in the sole for support. The rubber soles are made to prevent slipping.

At £30, these Shuellas are 100% waterproof, completely tough and hard-wearing, and even come in "fashionista-friendly" colours - fuchsia pink, black, and yellow. They even come in a slimline plastic pouch, ready to be unfolded should it start to rain.

The fun doesn't stop there - when you manage to escape the rain, the pouch comes ready with a cloth, for you to dry down the boots before you tuck them back into your bag.

But honestly, although Shuellas are incredibly convenient, you have to admit they look just ghastly around the ankles. However, the ugly-looking Crocs were once a huge fashion don't - but has seeped its way into a normal thing - everyone loves Crocs. Maybe some time soon, everybody will be loving Shuellas.

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