Deborah Lyons has taken her shoe game up ten pegs. Lyons, has stepped into the 2009 on the right foot as her Mechante Of London collection has been creating a serious buzz on the streets of NYC. Lyons, approach to shoe design is clean, bold, and has a substantial sculptural point of view. Inspired and trained by her artist grand mother, Deborah’s passion led her to study art in Florence, London, & Paris. Thus creating Mechante of London - taking her influence from the fashionable regions where she studied, her collection is alluring to the eye - and displays intricate details and superb craftsmanship. Mechante Of London features a culmination of luxurious textiles, metals, & leathers. This seasons collection boasts delicate silks, rich pythons in Aegean blues and whites. Definitely a tantalizingly luxurious collection to keep note of.