Hugh Jackman Needs to Work Out Again

Wolverine is enjoying too much free time and isn't as ripped as he usually is. Check out a few more pictures of Hugh Jackman in the gallery below:

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Are Still Doing It

In what appears to be a downgrade for Orlando Bloom because he went from Miranda Kerr to supposedly Selena Gomez, it looks like he's still tapping it too. From OK:

"Selena loves the attention from Orlando and says the sex is great," the insider reveals. "But she's fooling herself if she believes it's healthy. She's not as tough as she thinks." The source adds that Selena wants to be the 38-year-old actor's girlfriend, but he's not game, "so she's taking what can get."

Jessica Alba Wins The Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge

And she didn't even need to use anything. All natural! Also, Jessica Alba is hotter than Kylie Jenner, so Jessica Alba wins.

January Jones Still Stuck in Mad Men Bikini Era

Looks like January Jones is bent on not breaking character at all. The Mad Men star decided to keep her bikini body in the 60s because showing off the goods isn't that era's style. Check out more of her in the gallery below:

Tiger Woods Breaks Up With Lindsey Vonn The Normal Way

Is this a sign that this is a rehabilitated Tiger Woods? He didn't bang 165 women behind Lindsey Vonn's back, and instead broke up with her the normal way. He announced the split on his website yesterday.

Maggie Q is Looking Old

Once, one of the most beautiful women in the world, here's Maggie Q, out and about in New York looking as if age just caught up on her. What do you think?

Did Andrew Garfield Cheat on Emma Stone?

Emma Stone broke up with Andrew Garfield, but what could have been the reason for it?  It might have been because he was cheating on her. From OK!:

Andrew, 31 had seemed unusually distant. "[Emma] basically called him out on his behavior and demanded to know exactly what was going on," the source says. At first, he swore that he was just stressed out - he'd been "wrestling for weeks" with whether or not to come clean about his infidelity, the source says, adding, "He felt truly terrible about it."

Emily Ratajkowski Has Good Fashion Sense

Emily Ratajkowski is just out and about and if this is any indication of what she usually wears when she's not working, we'd like to be friends if that's possible. Check out more pictures of her in the gallery below:

Megan Fox Became a Hot Blonde for TMNT 2

Hopefully Megan Fox doesn't screw this one up because it's usually after her second sequel with Michael Bay before she rants her mouth off. So hopefully she doesn't do it this time.

Elle MacPherson is a Weirdo With an Awesome Bikini Body

Ever wondered what Elle MacPherson's secret to not looking like 51 when you're 51? Urine test. That's right. She told The London Evening Standard she carries one in her purse at all times.

When asked by The London Evening Standard what's the most shocking item in her purse, she shared: "A pH balance urine tester kit to check that I'm in an alkaline state," said the mother of two. "I believe that most ailments come from having an acidic body."

Behati Prinsloo Models for Paola + Murray Swimwear

You can put Behati Prinsloo in just about any swimwear and she'd still kill it. She's clearly doing it with Paola + Murray's lineup. Check out the gallery after the jump:

Nina Agdal's Birthday Suit Photoshoot is Probably Her Best [NSFW]

Nina Agdal decided to get not just topless, but entirely nude for this photoshoot, and it's probably her most brave and daring one ever. It was also probably an eventuality since this is what most top models do. Check out the gallery below (NSFW):

Kate Upton Has Lost Her Magic

If you've been wondering what Kate Upton has been up to, so have we. Here she is, no longer looking like she owns the camera, but we guess even supermodels like her have bad days.

Psylocke is Out and About

Here's our future Psylocke out and about in a short dress showing off them legs. Check out a few more pictures of her in the gallery below or check her out as Psylocke here.

Elon Musk Flirts With Karlie Kloss. Fails.

Real life Tony Stark, Elon Musk decided he could pull the moves on model Karlie Kloss, but it looks like it would have been better if she were actually single, which she isn't. So she managed to resist the Musk. From the New York Post:

Olivia Culpo is Out and About

Olivia Culpo attended an event wearing a short sleek black dress, and of course bf Nick Jonas followed her because who wouldn't want to keep an eye out on their girl if she looked like that. Check out more pictures of her in the gallery below:

Emily Ratajkowski for Free People Lookbook

Emily Ratajkowski continues to dominate whatever social media you're on with all kinds of pictures of her in lingerie. This time it's for Free People's Lookbook, and damn, son. This is hot. Check it out below:

Gigi Hadid is Hard at Work in Miami

Gigi Hadid just turned 20 last week and it looks like she's not busy partying like a lot of 20-year-olds. Instead, she's hard at work, modeling in a bikini. You go, Gigi!

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