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The Japan Red Cross Society comes up with an initiative with the goal to create greater awareness of the way our interactions with others, especially those we have the power to help, shape our communities, societies, and world. The video titled 'Can You Do the Right Thing?' (いいことできるかな) shows a scenario being repeated with different children where the mom and child arrived at the bus stop then the mom leave the child for a moment  with a group of people waiting at the Aka Renga Warehouse East bus stop in Yokohama’s harbour district. The video is intended to look at how a group of kids react to a stranger who dropped his or her wallet at the bus stop. Check out the video below to see how the kids react when they experienced such situation.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 25, 2015 09:17
If you've watched Sailormoon before then you might be excited to know that Sailor Moon has collaborated with Tyake Tyoke to come up with six pairs of shoes, in which, five are pumps and one is flats! The collection range from Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, and each one features their main colours and resembles their original designs, and are tagged at 17,800 yen. All shoes in 8 sizes sizes ranging from: 22cm, 22.5cm, 23cm, 23.5cm, 24cm, 24.5cm, 25cm, 25.5cm, that is, US size 5 until 9.5. The collection will be released in September 2015. However, you can place a pre-order on Premium Bandai or the SuperGroupies online store starting April 28.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    May 25, 2015 09:17
You've not seen the Mother of Dragons in this light before. Aside from being the unburnt, the ruler of all seven kingdoms and all that jazz, she can also sing too. What else can she NOT do? Check out the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 22, 2015 19:12
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