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The recent trend called #GirlProblems is going wild on Twitter, so Garnier USA decided to get guys to read them out loud. Can they help solve some of their problems? Probably not. Check out the hilarious video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 19, 2014 11:52
Here's a video of a family visiting a doctor and they sit next a man of a different color. They judge him immediately, and decide to move their daughter one seat away from him, while switching seating positions.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 19, 2014 11:47
We can tell a lot about people just from food itself. In fact, there are only "two kinds of people", according to  Indian online restaurant guide Zomato. They put together a list of how two kinds of people focus on food.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Sep 19, 2014 11:21
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