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They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But when it comes to divorce, we prefer to serve cake with a side of humor. If you need more proof, check out these hilarious divorce cake designs that might make you think twice about getting hitched in the first place. You have to admit, nothing beats the taste of cake when things go sour in a marriage:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 16, 2014 14:46
Babies with chubby cheeks are the cutest! They're squishy, irresistible, and it turns us into annoying adults who just want to pinch the little tykes' cheeks. Here are 13 of the Internet's cutest baby cheeks you'll see today:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 16, 2014 13:23
There's a good reason why parents get camera happy once a newborn comes into their lives. But instead of just taking a basic picture of them doing things like crawling around and whatnot, why not get a little creative? Here are some adorable baby photo ideas that you can try out at home.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 16, 2014 13:07
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