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The space race is not over just yet. Already there are talks of going to Mars and setting up a colony there. The privately funded Mars One mission aims to have mankind permanent set up a space colony ten years from now in 2025.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Feb 27, 2015 14:25
We've seen all kinds of Instagram accounts of the rich and famous, from the Rich Kids of [insert country] to another and more. But who cares. Because here are the Rich Dogs of Instagram. And it is a whole lot better than humans! Check out some of the best we've seen from their account:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:29
Some names are sexy sounding, some are not. But this list of world's sexiest names sound a tad dubious. Created by it seems a name ending in a vowel works the best. Here's a list of the ten sexiest names for each gender.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Feb 27, 2015 13:09
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