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Isis Wenger made Internet headlines and created a storm when pictures of her were posted online. They were criticized because people thought she was too pretty, and she was an unrealistic choice to portray an engineer in an ad campaign for tech startup OneLogin. But actually, Wenger is a real engineer.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 27, 2015 14:03
This will make drinking coffee more interesting, perhaps? Designer Jang Woo-Seok just made a coffee cup lid that looks like the shape of a human face. Its lips is where you sip the coffee. Sounds fascinating? Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 27, 2015 13:42
If you thought the 90s was bad, then here's a trip down memory lane for fashion trends in the 2000s. They're equally bad! Of course, one could argue that the 90s was at its pinnacle of poor fashion trends, and the 2000s paved the way for the better. Still, we're glad these are gone now.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 27, 2015 13:31
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