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Recycling is a top agenda in waste management. It is the only way to preserve natural resources and move towards making the planet more sustainable for future generations. But recycling is not often easy because of the assortment of different types of materials in the waste or trash. It needs proper segregation so that it is easy to separate the recyclable materials from the trash and send it for recycling.   Read more
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Cannabis is gaining prominence today, especially in Australia! Neither can you overlook it, nor can you welcome it wholeheartedly. There are still a few issues with the legalizing bit. But its immense benefits created a social movement. It compelled the US Congress to sanction laws that authorize the use of medical marijuana in areas related to farming and other similar purposes.  Read more
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Engagement rings are reckoned to be the token of love, which symbolizes that two people have chosen and committed to each other for eternity. It signifies devotion, fidelity, dedication, commitment, and love for each other. The traditional meaning of an engagement ring has prevailed to be the same. It represents a promise that the two persons make to each other, to get married, work on their relationship, and create a lifelong connection. It is an emblem, or rather a declaration of a union. Exchanging engagement rings has been a tradition, which is centuries old.   Read more
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