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We're all creeps on Facebook. It's just that some of us are bigger creeps than usual. Take a look at the poll below and see how you compare with others who've answered it before. How much of a creep are you on Facebook?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 11:45
So if you were to sum up Aladdin, it would really be about a boy so blue-balled by the fact that he can't get with a girl because she's of a different societal status, he goes all out to make it happen. Aladdin, is the ultimate player. What do you think? Check out the honest trailer below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 11:44
Pippa McKinney met a guy named Matty on her 22nd birthday. They hit it off, kissed and exchanged phone numbers. Except, the next morning, she realized she had saved his number incorrectly. So she uploaded a picture of the night to Facebook to ask the Internet to help find Matty.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Oct 07, 2015 11:44
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