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Flu is horrible because it likes to bring a party of friends with it when it comes. From a cold to stuffy noses, to coughs and headaches, it seems like everything wrong, can go wrong. But no more! Here are some hacks to help make your life a tad better. And it actually works.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 20, 2014 16:35
This carpet looks like it's got something underneath from this angle. It looks like it needs some adjusting. But wait, was it meant to be like that in the first place? It's actually a carpet-sofa.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 20, 2014 13:56
Taylor Swift is well-known to document her love life in song. If you're an ex that broke her heart: you're in a song. If you're an almost lover, or could have been one: you're in a song. But here's the thing: every singer does this. Not just Taylor.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 20, 2014 12:55
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