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Whitney Port is apologizing to everyone she's offended with those nipple slip shots of her's at the beach. Yeah, get behind me because I'm very offended you didn't take the whole thing off. She takes to her blog:

“Okay so a couple photos were captured while I was in Miami that weren't the most discreet and I'm sorry if they offended anyone but I got too caught up in the sunshine and the weather that I guess I wasn't as cautious as I should have been.
Everyone knows the rough and tumble of the ocean mixed with a bathing suit -- not the most attractive thing ever! So sorry for the view...very embarrassing to say the least! I guess all I can do now is laugh about it and move on!”

Damn those paparazzi guys. Can't they just leave people alone without capturing their embarrasing moments? I'd be embarrassed and apologetic too if I was caught flexing my muscles. The same muscles that has gotten me a Nobel peace prize. How is that possible? Ask the muscles.