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When Katy Perry got serious with John Mayer, he dumped her via email. Now the two are making up and are getting even more serious. It's just a matter of time before John Mayer bails again. It's his modus operandi. From The Sun:

Katy Perry won't need to hide a spare key under a doormat for John Mayer. The Part Of Me singer has given her new bloke his very own key to her LA pad. John usually stays in hotels when he's over from New York - even though he owns a place nearby. But as their relationship continues to get more and more serious, Katy thinks she is doing the right thing.

A source said: "John thinks it is easier to stay in hotels rather than his own LA pad. But Katy insists he should stay with her. She thinks it makes sense."

Katy's family and friends are happy that she's moving on from ex-hubby Russell Brand but they are begging her to slow down.

I still can't help but think its really only a matter of time. Let's say in two months?