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Tara Reid is telling Access Hollywood, in all essence that she's not Lindsay Lohan and that she's not a mess of a life that everyone thinks she is.

“It’s really important how you keep things private,” she said when asked about her at-times very public past.
“You wanna try to have a good time and try to keep it at home… especially today with the paparazzi, try to control it as much as you can,” she continued.
The actress takes ownership of her public snafus, but also points out that she never got arrested or harmed anyone in the process.
“It was my fault, I did it… [but,] it wasn’t that bad what I did,” she explained. “At the end of the day, I really [just] had fun. I wasn’t doing crimes. I wasn’t getting in trouble like that.”

So just because of that we can't hold her in the regard as Lindsay. Just another two weeks Lindsay!