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SNSD fans all over the world raged due to the unavailability of the video to countries like America, New Zealand, Philippines and many more! Yesterday (October 19, 2011), The much awaited comeback video of SNSD had 3.3 million hits for the Korean Version and 1.4 million hits for the English version but suddenly SM Entertainment makes the video unavailable to the public causing fans to make comments on their offical Youtube page “SMTOWN”.

Fans made comments such as, “I watched the English version yesterday, now I can’t!!” and “Why is it not available even in America?!” expressing their rage and emphasizing that English is an international language and that this is the international single of SNSD.

Nobody knows for sure why the video is unavailable but we all hope we can watch it again soon!

As for now, we should continue supporting SNSD, wait for the English version and watch the Korean version of  ”The Boys”: