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Unbelievable? Mariah Carey's sister is a real whore. For real! From National enquirer:

Alison Carey Scott -- a former drug addict who's been arrested twice for prostitution and is also HIV positive -- is shopping herself on the Long Island, N.Y., edition of, a free Internet classified service used by many hookers. While the audit entertainment ad touts a 36-year-old sexy blonde named "Denise," The ENQUIRER learned the ad is actually for 49-year-old Alison, who charges $250 an hour for house calls. The picture is fake. "You have no idea how badly I need cash right now," a distraught Alison admitted to the The ENQUIRER. "But I'm not having sex for money! I provide personal companionship and erotic body rubs."

In an emotional and candid conversation, The ENQUIRER spoke to Mariah's sister when she showed up Jan.21 to meet a male business traveler in room 431 at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. Dressed in jeans and a baggy sweater, Alison said: "I've been forced to do this because my family refuses to help me financially. For weeks, I was driving a vehicle with practically no brakes. It was unsafe, so I reached to my family for help, but they basically ignored me. I wish I didn't have no make a living by hooking up with strangers on the Internet, but sometimes I feel like I don't have any other choice."