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Minka Kelly may or not may not be engaged to Derek Jeter, so you can safely assume I tricked you to continue reading this but where your focus really lies at are the hot pictures of Minka Kelly in a bikini. I know! Me too! But according to my contract I've got to write a couple of lines of celebrity splatter so I qualify for a non recession year bonus. Which I hope is this year! 2010 FTW! Update: according to PopEater:

"It's helpful when you're as under the spotlight as Derek Jeter is, to have a girlfriend who does understand what that's like," Fuller adds. "[Minka] both understands what it's like to have to deal with the interest of fans and what it's like to have to cope with paparazzi and having a very public life as well as private life. Not everybody can cope with that and is also comfortable with the spotlight."
As for Kelly, Fuller believes it's easy to see why she would marry him. "He's got a great reputation. There's no black splotches of concern about infidelities with former girlfriends ... he's got a spotless record."