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Think Chris Brown and Joe Francis are assholes when it comes to women violence? Think again because Hayden Christensen's brother Tove was just arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon after he dragged his girlfriend 30 ft with his car. Somewhere, Chris Brown is saying, phew.

LAPD responded to a 911 call in Hollywood around 2:30 AM after an argument broke out between the couple. Witnesses told law enforcement that Christensen pushed her to the ground and hopped in his car — but when his GF reached inside to grab her purse, Tove hit the gas and dragged her down the street.
When police arrived, the girlfriend had visible marks on her arm. They later tracked down Tove at his L.A. home and arrested him.
He’s currently being held on $30,000 bail..

Oh this has got to suck at so many levels. I can't say he's going to get off like Chris Brown or anybody else, simply because the Force isn't that strong with this one. You know what's strong with this one? Jail is.