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Some Italian magazine called Grazia is saying that Jennifer Aniston had plastic surgery. More specifically, macrolane injections, a relatively new alternative to breast implants in which hyaluronic acid is injected into the breast and then molded into shape.

…close friends reportedly said the 40-year-old has been feeling ’super confident’ as a result (of the Marcolane) during the filming of her new movie The Bounty. And Jen is also reportedly hitting the gym as early as 3am for two-hour workouts before arriving on set.
‘The whole thing’s left her feeling better than she’s done in years,’ said the source.
‘Jen loves the fact her curvier figure is having on her wardrobe for the movie. She’s dressed in figure-hugging skirts and low-cut tops every day.
‘In fact, it’s no wonder she and (co-star Gerard Butler) have such electric chemistry.’

Is this why Jennifer Aniston is suddenly so attractive again? Bigger bustier Jennifer Aniston? No way. And I thought it was all natural. I feel cheated. Give me back my vision! Give it back!!!