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David Tao Che, who has just released a new album, has been making his rounds on the variety show circuit; noticeably missing from his promotional "tour," however, is the super-popular KangXi Lai Le. Some sharp-eyed reporters noticed one of David's replies to a fan on his blog: "KangXi is too gossipy lately, so I've got my reservations... " The post makes it seem as though David is skipping KangXi on purpose!

David, who has just released 六九樂章/Opus 69, has recently been rumored to have developed feelings for Cheryl Yang JinHua, the leading lady of his MV. He even openly praised her for her professionalism; it seemed as though there could be more behind his words. Soon after, it was rumored that David actually had secret feelings for a certain "Miss C"; although he refused to reveal her identity, he generously admitted that "Miss C" did, in fact, exist. Rumor has it that the girl David is referring to is actually Janine Chang JunNing; this has yet to be confirmed.

David's mystery "crush" isn't his only hot-button topic; his past rumors with Penny Lin WeiJun are also a concern. A few days ago, it was even revealed that he suspected the music charts of being fixed. Is it possible that it's a fear of Dee Hsu XiDi (Xiao S) using her signature "spicy" method of questioning on David and these "sensitive" topics that's keeping him away? His promotional schedule currently does not include KangXi Lai Le.

When asked, David's record company, Gold Typhoon, emphasized that, in keeping with the nature and image of David's new album, the primary target and focus of his promotional tour would be talk and interview shows. He has agreed to appear on 百萬小學堂 [Bai Wan Xiao Xue Tang] [Million Dollar Elementary School] and 百萬大歌星 [Bai Wan Da Ge Xing] [Million Dollar Singer] because of his friendships with the shows' respective hosts, 張小燕 Chang XiaoYan and Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin).