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Andy Lau DeHua admitted to his "secret underground" wife of 24 years, Carol Zhu LiQian, the other day, shaking the entire entertainment world. Other rumors have come to light in the wake of Andy's news: prince of love ballads Samuel Tai ZhengXiao has also reportedly been hiding a wife for nearly 20 years! She has never been exposed or discovered; no one in the entertainment circle has ever met her. She was hidden away-- just like Carol-- to maintain Samuel's place in his fans' hearts as the "prince of love ballads."

Samuel is 42 years old this year. Songs like 千紙鶴 [Qian Zhi He] [A Thousand Paper Cranes] and 999 朵玫瑰 [999 Duo Mei Gui] [999 Roses] made him popular. He has delicate, boyish looks, and he has always gone down the "idol" route; he has fans all over the world. His record company has always refused to reveal the truth of his relationship to the world; about ten years ago, however, they accidentally revealed that he was already married. It's just that no one has ever met Mrs. Tai.

Nevertheless, nine years ago, Samuel once held his one-year-old son in his arms on stage. He has also mentioned that his wife and son were "hiding" in the audience and watching him perform. Samuel's son has not appeared since then, however; his wife has similarly "vanished" from view. Calculations, however, estimate that he and his wife-- from their first meeting and throughout their marriage-- have been together for 20 years!

If he's already admitted to being married, why hasn't he allowed his wife to be exposed to the public? Samuel's good friend and manager 范裴倩 Fan FeiQian said, "He isn't hiding her away on purpose. When people ask, he doesn't avoid the question... it's just that they're not in the entertainment circle, so they don't want to be revealed."