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Did Lindsay Lohan robbed herself? Apparently inside her safe was 2 million worth of jewelry. Which she had on loan. Uh-oh. Damn those robbers!?? RadarOnline reports:

Lindsay had the jewels on loan from swanky Beverly Hills store, XIV Karats, from over two months ago but when asked to return the pricy baubles the Mean Girls star fessed up that she didn't have them.
"Lindsay claimed that they had been stolen from her safe," a source tells
"They've disappeared. XIV are not happy about it.
"The jewels were in Lindsay's care and they were only on a loaner, they were expected to be returned. If something is not resolved soon there will be legal action taken."

XIV should be ashamed of themselves for making such a stupid decision. Which was to loan her those jewelry in the first place. The perfect crime? Or perfect media attention?