Chris Brown's mistakes are definitely being punished now. A judge placed the singer on felony probation for five years, with a long list of punishments to fulfill, and a long list of payments to make.

Not only is the court going to be carefully watching his every move, Brown must report to probation within 72 hours. He can also go ahead with community labour in Virginia.

The judge wants reports from the domestic violence program in Richmond, VA, and Brown is required to keep in touch with the Probation Department. "He is subject to search and seizure 24/7 for the next 5 years. He can't own any dangerous weapon, including guns or knives," says TMZ.

Harsh isn't it? The judge will also issue a protective order for him to stay away from Rihanna, and to reinforce this, Brown must provide DNA samples as requested by authorities.

Brown must also complete a 52-week domestic violence program sponsored by the Commonwealth Catholic Charities, and the list doesn't just end there.

The singer must personally go to court every 3 months during his probation and perform 180 days of community labour.

He is also required to pay $2,500 in restitution, and another $2,500 in probation expenses. Brown also has to pay a $30 criminal conviction fee, and $400 to a domestic violence fund.

There's no future hope for him and Rihanna either, at least for the next five years.. Brown has been ordered not to bug Rihanna nor have any contact with her - even through the phone or through a 3rd person. The closest he can get to her is a hundred yards, unless it's at an entertainment-related event, he has to be at least 10 yards away.
Now THIS is what  you call a break up.

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