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Love comes after work for famous Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (better known as Chen Qiao En). She broke up with her Australian boyfriend, Michael, in the beginning of this year but quickly got back together with him. However, things did not work out between them and she asked for another breakup two months ago. Although he was unwilling to end their relationship, he finally relented after Joe issued him an ultimatum and ordered him to leave the house.

According to sources, the relationship between Joe and Michael has long gone stale. Already in his thirties, the Ozzie wanted to settle down and start planning for a family, even citing an example of Australian actress Nicole Kidman achieving worldwide recognition after becoming a mother. Joe disagreed with him and was determined in carving a niche in the movie industry before anything else. Their differing opinions and ideals eventually led to the couple’s separation.

In her guest appearances on various Taiwanese variety shows, Joe refuted these notions with replies like “Am I supposed to only love this person in my entire lifetime? I can’t fall for anyone else?” and “I love myself too much, how am I supposed to love someone else?”

After photographs of Joe and fellow Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu surfaced, she made the untimely announcement of her separation from Michael. The entire series of events were too coincidental and sparked off rumours of a possible relationship brewing between them. Joe’s manager retorted and explained that Joe merely admired Roy’s acting professionalism and refused to further comment on the topic.

Both Joe and Roy are onscreen partners and are currently acting against one another in their latest drama series, Easy Fortune Happy Life.