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Korea’s favourite boy-next-door Lee Seung-gi will once again charm his legion of female fans through the September issue of <Singles>.

Lee Seung-gi’s sunshine boy persona has always been well loved by the noona fans. Recently, he flew to Japan for a three-day photo shoot, and in this particular one, he presents a whole new side of himself – minimalistic and gentlemanly.

According to the staff there, Lee Seung-gi had on a charming smile, even though he was decked out in autumn-style clothes under temperatures of up to 30 degree Celsius. He was also so cooperative and friendly, that the staff there even felt bad about putting him through the intense heat.

Lee Seung-gi also impressed everyone with his Japanese speaking ability. When asked about it, he only modestly said: “I like watching Japanese dramas, so I decided to work even harder to learn the language.”

The exclusive interview and photo shoot with Lee Seung-gi can be found in the September issue of <Singles>.

Watch out for the Lee Seung-gi wave once more!