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The film "Dada's Dance" will hit screens across China in September, director Zhang Yuan said at a wine party on Thursday in Beijing.

The film is Zhang's first since he was arrested on drug charges in January, 2008.

"Dada's Dance" has already been screened at various international film festivals, including the 2008 Pusan International Film Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009.

The film is a road-trip movie with the duo Dada and her friend Zhao Ye played by Li Xiaofeng going to an unnamed town to search for Dada's birth mother.

Unlike Zhang's earlier films, "Dada's Dance" successfully passed a review by Chinese censors and emerged unedited and unchanged.

The film stars Li Xinyun as the titular Dada and was produced by Zhang's own Zhang Yuan Cultural Studios.

Zhang's films touches on his usual themes of contemporary love, disaffected youth, and existential malaise.

Zhang said the protagonist Dada is a free spirit and the mixed-up, unwitting temptress who is secretly worshipped by her young neighbor, Zhao Ye.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Zhang's film career. Many of his friends, including director Zhang Yibai, director and actress Yu Feihong, musician Li Quan and supermodel Wang Haizhen attended the wine party and talked about their collaboration with Zhang over the last two decades.