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So its the what? 4th or 5th day in a row that Britney has been in a bikini? And this time she's in one reading Letterman's top 10. Damnit, if I haven't already known, I would say Britney has the cure to cancer. Here's the top 10 list.

Top Ten Ways the Country Would be Different if Britney Spears Were President

10. I'd be the first president to wear eye shadow since Nixon.
9. We would only invade fun places like Cabo.
8. Free pie for everybody.
7. My situation room would be a cabana at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.
6. I'd lure Osama out of hiding with the irresistble scent of my new fragrance "Circus Fantasy."
5. Every presidential news conference would feature costume changes.
4. America might have a more coherent fiscal strategy.
3. Challenge U.S. to put nightclub on the moon by the end of the decade.
2. Three words: Vice president Diddy.
1. Finally the media would pay some attention to me.