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When Fann Wong makes her debut as a blushing bride on Sep 29, she will be glowing literally with jewellery estimated to be worth some S$2.5million.

Entirely sponsored by Celestial® by Goldheart, Fann sketched and designed three Celestial collections, comprising a total of 10 pieces - one necklace, one headpiece, three pairs of earrings, four bangles and one bracelet, which she will no doubt be wearing to sparkling effect on her big day. (See her sketches below)

One of the key pieces, a diamond neckpiece which Fann will wear with her wedding gown, used about 60 carats of Celestial diamonds and is named StarBliss. The other two sets, in swirling and geometric designs, will be used to complement her two evening gowns.

The couple and their wedding jeweller revealed sketches of Fann's designs today in a press release, which can be seen below.

Fann took about two months to come up with the designs. She said: "I've been actively involved in the creative design process of the bridal collections as I want the jewellery pieces to make my wedding even more dramatic, spectacular and memorable.

Her groom, Christopher Lee, will also be sharing in the limelight, as he will be wearing a diamond-accentuated ring accessory.