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This guy battled robots. Rode a horse and a motorbike. And escaped a crazy neighbour with the intention to send him 6 feet under. And he ordered root beer. E! News reports:

LaBeouf, dressed super casual in jeans, plain T-shirt and a baseball hat, posted up at the bar with a male companion and asked the bartender to serve him up straight up with the virgin-drink. Only prob for Shia is that they don't serve root beer at bars. Duh.
So still keeping his mellow demeanor SL opted for a Diet Coke instead.
Is this bad boy turning good or something? Spies say that Shia looked way bummed out his whole time there, not even looking at any of the hot babes massively crawling all around him.

I'd be bummed out too if I knew Megan Fox was going back to B.A.G. on a regular basis. Its the root beer, Shia. Order a man's drink! Like Guinness!