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For the recent Y-Star special edition of ‘Let’s see 2PM’s palm lines’, the 2PM members reveals their palm line and through a fortuneteller, they talked about what each 2PM members’ palm line mean, what are their future destinies and also their current personalities.

About JunSu’s palm line, the fortune teller said, “He wants to be a singer, wants to be a talent, wants to do MC too” pointing to the fact that he would be able to succeed as a multitainer.

And Nich Khun’s palm is one that one would appear in 1 out of 100 to 200 people, “Original makjwingeum (containing many forms of palm lines). Very detailed and kind person.”

The fortuneteller talks about WooYoung’s palm lines, “He is a gentleman and his style is someone who would treat the girl very well. And his ‘brain line’ is especially long, he has good brains.”

But on the other hand, JaeBum was “He is a the type who is popular amongst girls, ‘Casanova type’, since his 4th finger’s joints are of the same length. Very passionate person.”

And about JunHo, who usually has a good personality, “His palm lines ar rather straight, he is optimistic and without worries. But mischievous with much temper.”

And about member ChanSung, “He likes to hide his own talents and know-hows.”

source: kbites