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Shanghai TV 2009 #8B

Hong Kong’s TVB leading Fadan, Myolie Wu, recently arrived in Hengdian quietly, and entered the Beauty Scheme cast. She’s acting as the gentle, beautiful and kind-hearted wife of a duke, Lui Yue. In the drama, she has most scenes with Feng Shao Feng, whom she once had rumors with when filming The Drive Of Life. Of course, she and Ruby Lin’s character will also have very exciting scenes of collaboration of working together.

Myolie Wu: Lui Yue’s Personality

The beauty’s description – Empress Lui’s nephew’s daughter; A royalty member whom was left to live in the commoners’ world; Smart; Married to Lau Cheung; The only lady to win true love within the palace scheming fights

No Stumbling For Mandarin Dialogue Lines

Myolie Wu is very suitable for ancient period costume-image. Donning on the Han-dynasty outfit, she looks young and simple. The scriptwriter, Yu Zheng, said that Myolie Wu wished to act a strong career-woman role most. This time, her Lui Yue is smart and modest, and is adept at deciphering the hidden meanings behind Empress Lui’s words. She used her intelligence to help Lau Cheung avoid one disaster after another, so this should be considered a small trial (referring to Myolie’s wish of acting a strong career-woman).
Filming a drama series in Hengdian, due to the tourists coming in and out, normally the cast will undergo dubbing during the post-production stage. This includes Beauty Scheme as well. But, when Myolie was filming at the scene, she was using Mandarin to speak her lines. When asked about this, she laughed and said that it’s the crew whom hoped that she spoke Mandarin. This was to accommodate the post-production dubbing to match the lip movements. Initially, Myolie Wu was worried that she might not be able to handle it, “Speaking the dialogue lines is not like talking. You can’t stumble.” But during the first day of filming, she did not have any NGs for her lines at all, making herself admire her own capability. “Using Mandarin to speak the lines feels very graceful and gentle. Although I spend more time each day to memorize my lines, I feel myself being more absorbed into the drama when speaking Mandarin, and it’s very happy to be the same as everyone.”

No Airs; Smiles At Tourists

Although Myolie Wu is one of the leading Fadans in TVB, she’s very easy-going. Coming to Mainland to film, she only has her manager by her side. No assistant. What she sits in is the common van which the crew uses to send and pick up artistes. No special request of her own van. The weather is very hot during filming. Ruby Lin has two assistants following her around to fan her, while Myolie Wu holds onto her own little fan. When the reporter came to visit the filming set, the cast was filming an outdoors scene, and it was a weekday. There were many tourists at the scene. During the breaks, there were many tourists finding Myolie Wu to take a photo with, and she agreed to all of them.
During lunch-time, she took off the heavy and thick costumes, and had her lunch in a black singlet at the filming scene. The tourists surrounded the place and watched, and there were even people whom took out cameras and took photos. A fan, whom did not wish for any more photos to be taken, took out an umbrella and shielded Myolie. But Myolie pushed the umbrella away, “Don’t be like this. Keep it.” When the reporter asked her for the reason, she said, “I don’t want to put on airs. Afraid that people will say that I’m acting like a big-shot, because I’m not a big-shot yet.”

Specially Went To The Make-up Room To Visit Her Partner

Myolie’s husband in the drama, Lau Cheung, is being acted by Feng Shao Feng. Originally, this role belonged to Hawick Lau, but due to the latter’s clash in filming schedule, thus Feng Shao Feng came to the rescue. Shao Feng had been filming in Hengdian during summer period for the past 2 years. Thus, he wished to take a break for this year, but once he heard that his co-star was Myolie Wu, whom he had worked with in The Drive Of Life, he went all out and decided to get all warm and hot again.
When he arrived to try on his costume, Myolie Wu had already entered the cast. When she knew that it had been changed to him, she specially went to the make-up room and visited him, making Shao Feng feel especially cordial.

But, this summer’s heat is worse than before. According to Feng Shao Feng’s introduction, Lau Cheung is a domineering and righteous character. The reporter truly saw the intense eye expression when Shao Feng was riding on the horse. “But he’s loyal and passionate. He’s willing to let go of anything, if the situation calls for it. For Lui Yue, he gives up fighting for the royal throne.” To make the character look tougher, Shao Feng specially left a little stubble. Lau Cheung often had to wear armor, and within the armor, there were 3 layers of clothes. On the outside, there was even a layer of cow’s skin, and metal pieces were being nailed onto the skin. It was around 40kg, and when he wore it, he needed 3 people to help him with it. “After wearing for a while, there’s a suffocation feel,” Shao Feng said.
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Caption 1:
When Feng was riding the horse, he looked impressive, but actually the main strength came from the worker pulling the horse below

Caption 2:
The scene, where Myolie was being pulled up onto the horse by Feng, was filmed by standing on a wooden board

Caption 3:
The scene, where Feng and Myolie were riding on the horse together, was filmed on a wooden horse. At the scene, both men first demonstrated on how to cast glances of love at each other, making everyone laugh.

When Lau Cheung Kisses Lui Yue
When the reporter visited the filming set that day, it was the first cooperation scene of Myolie Wu and Shao Feng after they entered the cast. Both of them had good chemistry, and there was no awkwardness when filming. After a short lunch break, it was the scene of Feng kissing Myolie’s cheek. The director wanted to make the scene be designed a little blurry, so he wanted Feng to suddenly kiss Myolie when a cloth was being blown in between them. During filming, because of the man-made wind control, the timing could not be caught well. It took Feng a few tries to get it right, as during the failed attempts, he had kissed straight on Myolie’s cheek. After filming, they watched the playback together. Felt that it was quite beautiful.
When the director said that it was time to take the entire scene, it was really a time of Feng making a fool of himself. The man-made wind could not be used now, so it was even more difficult to control the wind. Each time Feng wanted to kiss Myolie, the cloth would suddenly drop down, and he almost kissed on her cheek. This made Feng having to ‘brake’ suddenly, and bit on his own lips. Myolie hurriedly helped him to check if there was any blood. Towards the back, for 7 to 8 attempts, each time when Feng stretched his head over, he had to withdraw immediately, due to the instability of the cloth. Myolie was amused by his ‘withdrawal’ expression, and imitated it whenever he did that. It made everyone at the scene laugh over it. After a few times, Feng relaxed himself, and on the next try, he did it successfully.
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Caption (left):
Feng kissed Myolie, and it resulted in him biting on his own lips

Caption (right):
Feng had to kiss Myolie with the cloth in between. Due to the instability of the wind, it took them at least 20 tries to get it right.